The overall goal is the all round development of women and children belonging to the weaker section of rural, urban and tribal communities in India, through educational, socio-economic and other welfare projects, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


  • To organize education programs for children and adult literacy programs for farmers, women as per need.
  • To motivate village communities to form cooperatives for the production and sale of various articles such as pickles, children clothes, wall hangings and soft cloth toys and whatever is the special craft of the area and organic food stuff which they have produced, to enable them to earn a living.
  • To act as coordinating body for providing technical advice, training and useful information to communities and other groups.
  • To train village youth and women to start community development projects in health, pre school education, organic farming and environment.
  • To promote awareness on the environment and take up projects for improvement of environment such as eco village development, organic farming etc.
  • To stimulate, organize and administer community development and other related projects for the benefit of women and children belonging to the weaker section of the community subject to the condition laid down in the Rules and Regulation.
  • To organize, to stimulate, support and assist Self Help efforts and community development programs which build up healthy and well organized rural, urban and tribal communities in India.


WAFD believes that sustainable development is possible only if women of the community are recognized as the primary stakeholders in their own development and growth. Therefore, the environment must be created for their active participation and involvement in the development process. The role of WAFD becomes that of a facilitator and promoter of human centered development. Thus, enhancing the latent potential of the primary stakeholders- the women – and appropriately equipping them for creative action through participatory implementation management and maintenance, so that ultimately, they can take over the projects and programs.