Kitchen Gardens in Uttarakhand


Life is difficult in the hills specially for the women as they are over burdened with work. They have to take care of all the household  work as well as all outdoor work like animal husbandry, fetching water, collecting fodder, taking care of farming work . They  had small vegetable patches near the homes to supplement the family needs for vegetables. However these were haphazard and did not give them a regular supply of vegetables. In 2011 when WAFD started work here it we promoted setting up of kitchen gardens for growing vegetables in a systematic manner for own consumption as well as for sale if there was extra produce. Women were given training as well as seeds to grow in their kitchen gardens. Today there are a total of 323 kitchen gardens in the 5 project villages.
Kitchen gardens became one of the most successful programs as the women saw direct benefits from having a proper kitchen garden. They were able to have regular fresh vegetables for their meals every day and so saved Rs.20 to 50/ per day as they did not have to buy vegetables from the market. As one of the women
said “we are eating vegetables regularly in our meals now, I don’t have to buy from market so save Rs.50/ daily, the extra produce I share with my neighbours and if relatives come I give them vegetables as well”

The most successful and active village is Maun. Here a total of 80 women have established their small kitchen gardens. The group has calculated that all the 80 women together save a total of Rs.2310 every day, as they do not have to buy any vegetables from the market.If they did not have their small kitchen gardens they would not have been able to get regular vegetables in their meals as they do not have money to buy these from the market.

Out of the 80 women only 19 women are not selling their extra produce. When calculated and added up the women are proud that in one year the 61 women have earned Rs.82,900/ from sale of their produce . They sell their stuff by the roadside and also in the village.