Organic Farming Units In Uttarakhand


Compost basket

In the hills traditionally people do not use chemical fertilizers. They practice what is known as “natural farming”. The manure they use is made by just dumping animal dung in one corner of the open fields till they are ready to cultivate. This way a lot of the nutrients are lost and washed away.

WAFD trained and taught the women how to make organic compost using simple bamboo baskets. Other trainings were organized to teach women about organic farming.  Since almost all the women were already farming their small pieces of land to grow cereals, millets and beans for the family they were really interested.

No of Organic compost baskets made : 161

No of organic farming units started : 310

Every month the women would need to buy a total of Rs.664,200/ worth of cereals/millets or beans and pulses for own consumption. Now that they grow their own produce they no longer have to buy from market.   So they calculate that amount as having been saved every month.

The main objective for growing food is mainly for own consumption and not for sale. However a few women have sold small surplus quantities which came to a total of Rs.141,500/for the year.